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Educational Academic Retail Pilot (EARS) Waiver Request Form

Basic Information


Business Address

Operations Plan

Businesses must comply with the requirements outlined in Mayor’s Order 2020-XX and receive an approved waiver to operate. An enforcement and immediate shutdown plan are required elements for the waiver application. Below, please share your business operations, enforcement and immediate shutdown plan. Note: Approved waivers will be valid until Monday, June 1, 2020.

Operations Plan

In developing an operations plan, it should address the following:

  • What is the curbside service strategy and public space setup;
  • What is the walk-through (pick-up) strategy and customer communication;
  • Provide sitemap (including location of business staff, proposed signage of requirements, queue spacing among customers, entry and exits to the line, hand-sanitizer stations (if applicable).
  • Share how business will ensure curbside service line will move quickly without long lines or double parking;
  • Share your business’ process for advance sales for curbside service and pickup


Enforcement Plan

In developing an enforcement plan, it should address the following:  

  • Communication strategy, both before and during hours of operation, to inform the public and staff of the safety requirements;
  • Communication strategy regarding safety requirements for customers both before and during hours of operation;
  • Method for monitoring and ensuring compliance with safety requirements for employees and customers;
  • Proposed enforcement measures should an employee fail to comply with safety requirements;
  • Proposed enforcement measures should a customer fail to comply with safety requirements; and
  • Business staff placement to address concerns or potential violations - show location on-site plan.

Immediate Shutdown Plan

In the event a serious safety violation occurs during hours of operation, the business should be prepared to initiate an immediate shutdown.  The immediate shutdown plan should address the following: 

  • Proposed steps to close;
  • Method to inform customers and potential customers that day that the business is now closed;
  • Steps to move customers in line out of the line as quickly as possible;
  • Steps to self-report any violations that occur to DMPED


Safety Measures

Please review and acknowledge your business will adhere to these safety measures during the permitting period.

  • Employees must wear a mask or mouth covering
  • Must always maintain a minimum of 6 feet clear pedestrian sidewalks 
  • Minimizing queueing and ensuring those inline are at least 6 feet apart
  • Providing a maximum number of drivers for curbside service and walk-ups allowed at the establishment
  • For walk-up and curbside: Immediately disbursing groups of people that form in public space around the boundaries of place of business to reduce the risk of requiring the closure of the business
  • For walk-up: Ensuring compliance with all public health requirements, including sanitizing and/or handwashing and providing signage on requirements and guidelines
  • For walk-up: Providing for a single entrance and exit for a one-way flow of customers, including markings for 6 feet of distance on the sidewalk
  • Limiting the entrance of customers into the boundaries of business such that there are no lines
  • Eliminating browsing and reducing the number of purchasing options by bagging pre-ordered purchases or options
  • For walk-up: Creating a customer flow that includes stalls (if necessary) only on one side, wherever possible
  • Setting the maximum number of people allowed in the boundaries of business at a time to prevent lines or crowding
  • Stay home if you feel ill, have symptoms, or have been exposed to the virus.
  • Customers must wear a mask or mouth covering
  • Avoid work if exhibiting a symptom of any transmissible infectious disease such as a cough, fever, and running nose or have confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis.
  • Maintain six (6) feet of distance from each other person who is not part of the household
  • Cough or sneeze away from other people and into a tissue of one’s elbow or sleeve and immediately dispose of the tissue in a safe manner.
  • Not shake hands or engage in any other unnecessary physical contact

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Site Plan

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